In 1920 Mr Raynaud TOURNAUD provided the basis for this medium-sized company.
Originally, he was a smithy concentrating on tools of the times (clog makers, lumberjacks, tanners) as well as maintaining agricultural machines, mills etc. He quickly became known for his cutting tools based on his mechanical experience gained at Tulle armoury during the First World War.

As his business expanded, he founded his first company with his son, Robert, in 1930. His other son, Marius, joined several years later.
The outsourcing needs of several regional companies (SAMA in Aubusson then MICELIN in Clermont Ferrand) guided the business towards machining and mechanical welding.

Together, Robert and Marius TOURNAUD created SARL Ets TOURNAUD in 1952.

Between 1970 and 1980, the brothers’ five children joined the company to gradually ensure the administration and management.
This family collaboration continued with recruitment and investments in tools and machine tools.


In 1978, a 2800 m2- turnkey factory was built close to CROCQ to replace the inadequate premises that had become too small.

15 March 1984, Bernard and Jean-Jacques TOURNAUD take over management of the company form their respective fathers, Robert and Marius TOURNAUD.

In 1991, an extension of 1400 m2 was built through short-lease premises with the town of CROCQ.

After completing his engineering studies, Bernard’s son Sylvain, joined the company in January 1998.

In July 2010, after 12 years with Jean-Jacques and Bernard, Sylvain takes over the reins of the company.


Réalisation des protections d’un tracteur destiné au domaine forestier

Actualité du 7/11/2019
Réalisation d’une protection complète des soubassements du tracteur avec châssis tubulaire et trappes de visite pour accès à l’entretien. Réalisation de la protection extérieure du radiateur et de la cabine. Conception et fabrication mécano-soudée, plus peinture et traitement du châssis réalisés par... Lire la suite


Actualité du 27/07/2018
Notre société est heureuse d’annoncer sa nouvelle collaboration avec INTERMERCATO fabricant de grappins et grappins coupeurs. Du matériel, solide, robuste et fiable ! Toute une gamme de produits à découvrir : Pinces à bois Pinces à déchets forestiers Pinces à enrochement et recyclage Pinces de... Lire la suite

Nouvelle Réalisation

Actualité du 30/10/2017
Dernièrement, nous avons réalisé le sous-ensemble mécanique ci-dessous pour l’un de nos clients.